We are on your team

Provide professional radon testing with your home inspection.

Envirolabs Incorporated has been providing test devices and radon testing services for home inspectors since 1992. If you are certified to set your own tests, we can supply you with radon test devices to place at your inspections and we will retrieve and analyze them at the end of the test and report the results to your clients. We can also have one of our certified radon measurement professional show up during your inspection to perform the tests or even start the test prior to the inspection and retrieve during it. Other options are available to best suit your needs.  As your laboratory we take care of all calibrations, quality control measures and reporting making your radon testing worry free. 

Why use Envirolabs?

Is the money spent maintaining radon certifications, taking exams and complying with Quality Control requirements eating into your profits?

Can the time you spend driving around picking up test devices and generating and sending reports be better used doing something else?

When you add up all the true costs of equipment ownership, calibrations and maintenance is radon testing costing you more than it generates?

Do you want to become NRPP Certified?

Free training for our clients

One of the requirements to becoming a NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Professional is to take an approved 16 credit hour course.

If you are interested in becoming certified and are already a client of Envirolabs we will provide that training to you for free through our online training course. 

For more information on signing up for the course or the certification process call us.